Friday, October 10, 2008

..:HaPpY C-DaY SiVoLeNe IkA!:..

SiVoLeNe IkA... is 20 years old today!!! YAAAAYYY!!! ShE iS My BeSt FrIeNd/cousin! Her grandpa is my grandma's younger brother... she has been there for me through THICK AND THIN!! I LoVe YoU CuZZ!! :)

..:SiV at TeMpLe SqUaRe... So PRETTY :):..

..: SiV...Me...UMMMMMA!:..

..:SiV,Me... JuS MeSsIn ArOuNd...HAPPY CDAY SIVV!!!:..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

..:Viliami and Me :):..

..:I LoVe DaDdY!:..

..:Me @ CoNfErEnCe D@nCe:..

..:MeLe,Me,Cy BoY @FtEr My LeGaCy PeRfOrMaNcE:..

My First Blogg!

Hey Ya'll!!

Welcome to LiNz BLoGg!! How's it goin fambamily?? Looks like I got sucked into the whole "Blogg CRAZZ!" OK, well love ya'LL! :)